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On-chain metadata collections

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Why On-chain Metadata?

Storing metadata on a server or IPFS makes it almost impossible for smart contracts to interact with NFTs in a meaningful way. Remember, smart contracts have no access to any information outside of blockchain. That’s why the only thing that smart contracts can do with most existing NFT collections is to simply transfer ownership of the underlying tokens…boooring!

Let’s fix that. Storing trait metadata (asset DNA) on-chain gives smart contracts the complete information about the underlying assets & enables creation of custom code based on the trait data of your NFTs. The following are just a few examples of what we can achieve with this new superpower.

Trait based price feeds and markets

Unlock integrations into the DeFi ecosystem. Determine collateralization & liquidation for lending / borrowing based on the traits of your NFTs instead of simply looking at the collection floor. Example: Receive higher loans for rare collection items with trait based price discovery.

Trustless swap and trade logic

Empower decentralized market places and build an NFT DEX. No crawlers, indexers, servers required to search for assets, parse information and interpret it. You can simply create on-chain trustless order books containing atomic or collection based orders of any degree. Example: A smart contract stores and matches a collection offer for all the Crecodiles wearing an astronaut suit & holding a pickaxe.

DNA Factories

Create your own “Free to own” (F2O) world. Think of your on-chain metadata as the DNA that describes the key features of an asset, but does not limit its representation. The DNA serves as an asset factory that enables various creative & artistic interpretations. Example: You can have a 2D Crecodile artwork & a 3D Crecodile render that are based on the same on-chain DNA.

Game Mechanics

Enable on-chain gamification. Write custom game logic based on the traits of the underlying assets. Example: All Crecodiles that own a pickaxe mine 10 $DUST/hour & all the Crecodiles that own a diamond pickaxe mine 2x the amount e.g. 20 $DUST/hour.


Tools for Creators

Our mission is to grow the on-chain metadata ecosystem.

We have developed a custom set of tools to enable creators to launch their very own on-chain metadata NFT collections. In addition, we also offer on-chain migration support for existing collections. Yes, we can also help you to migrate your OpenSea storefront collection to your own token contract supporting on-chain metadata.

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We are super excited to partner with @Crypto_Teddies & migrate their collection on-chain!
11:49 PM · Sep 8, 2022
I was very busy the last 24 hours but I finally have time to look deeper into all of my revealed @creco_xyz. Look at that big happy family.
12:49 AM · May 5, 2022
Shoutout to @philipplgh who was an enormous help in getting everything on-chain in an efficient way! Big thanks. @creco_xyz
4:21 PM · Aug 18, 2022
One of the coolest projects Ive come across lately. Finally a team that innovates and actually builds something that brings our whole...
1:20 PM · May 3, 2022
why i'm bullish on @creco_xyz 👇🧵
6:28 PM · May 2, 2022